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Indie Projects

Cave Defender: Arcade Edition

VR tower-defense game, set in space! Originally developed for Google Cardboard using Unity. Pivoted in early 2020 to Unreal Engine 4 for the Oculus Go. Released in December 2020.

Bird Photo Safari

Photo-taking game made in a weekend as an entry to Mini Jam 99: Birds. Playable in-browser, made with the Godot game engine. Released in February 2022.


A mash-up of platforming and puzzling for PlayStation Mobile. Prototyped with the Moai game engine, wrote a custom engine port for PS Mobile. Released in December 2013.

007 Quake 2

A total-conversion mod for Quake 2, originally recreating Goldeneye for the N64. Later on it featured original content. Last updated in 2002. Great archive of content available here.

Industry Game Credits

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